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Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick up the phone and get a custom power line filter that would fit like a glove in the space you have for it? Wouldn’t it be great if it not only fit perfectly but it also met your performance specifications and it arrived on time and at a reasonable cost?
For most manufacturers this is just a pleasant dream.

At EMICON we have made this a Reality!

At EMICON we know  that a common problem among system and sub-system manufacturers is to get power line filters that fit into the space left for this function and meet all the performance specifications required. They are frequently able to find catalog power line filters that meet the performance requirements but do not fit. Another problem is that the quantities are too small for the catalog power line filter manufacturers to consider modifying the package. Even if the catalog filter manufacturers will consider such modifications frequently the lead times and NRE is prohivitive.

Emicon has made a specialty out of producing custom power line filters, packaged to fit and meet your performance requirements.

Since we are not a catalog power line filter manufacturer who depends on volume production, your custom requirement is our only priority.

Since we have been exclusively making "specials" for many years we have produced hundreds of variations and we draw on that experience to reduce design cost and lead times.

Why not get your custom power line filters from the company that makes its living doing specials?

Standard Filters  Custom Filters

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