Emicon Corporation manufactures Custom Wound Coils of all types, to include; Inductors, Antennas, Air Wound Coils and Toroidal Coils. We also design and manufacture Custom RF Cable Assemblies, Power Line Filters, Digital filters and High and Low Pass Filters. We do Contract Manufacturing concentrating in RF & Microwave Subassemblies and Antennas.


Emicon Corporation was founded in 1984.

From the beginning, we earned a reputation as a reliable supplier of custom parts for the military, high end commercial and space industries.

We are located in  El Paso, TX to take  advantage of the lower operating costs in this region. We have a fully vertically integrated facility and our quality program is designed around MIL-45208A. We have a certified IPC-A-610 Trainer on staff.

TEL (915) 590 0795
FAX (915) 591 1404


900 Loma Verde, Suite A

El Paso, TX 79936  U.S.A.