Build Multiband L Band Antenna Subsystem

Inspect incoming PWBs and Radomes - Assemble daughter PWB – Construct Coaxial Cable assembly -  Construct Feed assembly – Attach Feed Assembly to Antenna – Secure Antenna in Radome – Attach Daughter PWB & Coax Cable Assembly to Ground Plane PWB – Attach Feed to Ground Plane – Test Return Loss at all frequencies – Secure Top to Bottom of Radome – Do final RF Test and Inspection – Label product and ship to end customer.


Integrate and Test Multi-Channel Downconverter System

Build 19” Rack Assembly – Build COAX and Power Cables – Install converter modules, power supplies –controller PWBs into rack system and conduct RF Testing -  Secure all covers – Re-test & Inspect System – Package and ship to end customer.


Build Crystal and LC Filters

Construct all air wound inductors and toroidal inductors required – Inspect all inductors- Review all parts kits for completeness & quality – inspect PWBs – Install all components on PWBs and inspect – Package and ship to customer.


Build Custom Transformers

Review all kits for completeness and quality – wind per specifications – inspect – make all terminations per specifications – Test and Inspect - Package and ship to customer.


Build High End Base Station Antenna Subsystem

Receive Machined Housings, LNA PWB, Splitter PWB, Antenna Elements & Radomes -  Inspect all components – Construct, Inspect and Test  Coax Cable Assembly – Assemble Antenna Elements to Feed Posts and then on LNA PWB – Connect Coax Cable Assembly to feed point – Test Antenna – Assemble Antenna assembly to Machined housing and install radomes – Inspect and test completed system – Label, Package and ship to end customer.


Build Custom RF Coax Cable Assemblies

Procure connectors and coax cable – inspect upon receipt – strip cables per manufacturers’ specifications – crimp and/or solder cable to center conductor – inspect – finish assembly of connector – inspect, package and ship to customer.


Build Mixed Layout PWB

Procure purchased parts & PWB – Inspect all components – Prepare all leaded devices – Hand older all leaded and chip components in place – clean and inspect completed assemblies – package and ship to customer


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